Algimun marine sulphated polysaccharides for gut health

Algimun is a dietary mix of what's called marine sulphated polysaccharides. In fact, it combines two bioactive macroalgal extracts: MSP®BARRIER, a red algal extract that enhances the gut barrier function, and MSP®IMMUNITY, a green algal extract, that modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.

Together, they boost gut integrity and the immune function to make our dogs stronger and capable of facing daily challenges.

Here's how that works.

Polysaccharides boost intestinal integrity

The intestinal wall is a dynamic physical barrier which is the first line of defence against toxins and pathogens. There are two ways by which this defensive mechanism can be achieved.

The gut has a mucus layer that protects the intestinal mucosa, as well as a tight junction in between intestinal cells.

During times of stress or illness, the mucous layer decreases and there is weakening of the tight junctions. When the gut integrity is impaired, there is an increase in permeability as well as vulnerability to pathogens and toxins. Their abundant presence in the body tissues can overwhelm the immune system and compromise immune function.

Polysaccharides reinforce the junction between intestinal cells leading to a less permeable intestinal wall. They can also help increase mucin secretion of the goblet cells leading to a more functional mucus layer.

Polysaccharides modulate immune system function

Algal polysaccharides are biological immuno-modulators. These natural compounds can help initiate the body’s immune response by interacting with cell membrane receptors. This interaction can lead to the synthesis of immune mediators that can neutralises pathogens.

Polysaccharides participate in various immune system functions to help limit inflammation and control immune reactions as well as stimulate a compromised immune system.


You can read more about Algimun's research and how it works here.


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