In this episode of the Pet Nutrition Show, Amanda and Dr. Anna Sutton speak with Laura Ward, a renowned pet nutritionist from the UK. They explore key components of a balanced diet for dogs and cats, focusing on proteins, fats, fibres, vitamins, minerals, and water.
  • 15 min read

In this episode of The Pet Nutrition Show, hosts Dr. Anna Sutton and Amanda discuss vegan diets for pets and their impact on the environment, and pet's health, plus digestibility explained and a food hack with carrots.

They talk with Australian vet and academic, Dr Andrew Knight, about the environmental implications of shifting pets to vegan diets, and what it does to their health.

They also discuss what biologically appropriate really means, whether being an obligate carnivore means cats need to actually eat meat, and some surprising results around longer lives.

The episode wraps up with a simple, healthy food hack featuring carrots.

  • 21 min read
Is your dog more polluting than your car? Is that cheap dry dog food better for the environment than that expensive fresh food you just had delivered? And just how much of an impact does dog food have on the environment? We find out, in the first episode of the Pet Nutrition Show with Amanda and Dr. Anna.
  • 18 min read

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