No-Meat Chunky Dinner

100% nutritionally complete, plant & insect powered food for adult dogs.

  • Meaty-like chunks of plant protein (being served to people in restaurants around the country, so what does that tell you?)
  • Sustainable insect protein from traceable sources of clean, pre-consumer food by-products for important amino acids
  • Brown rice puffs for even more digestible protein
  • Vege powders from out-of-spec cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli
  • Algae extracts for calcium and long chain fatty acids, and with fermented yeast postbiotic for gut health and immune system support

Real food that tastes great! Just add water, rehydrate, and serve.

250g resealable pack.

"We've created a real food diet that exceeds AAFCO, and 'beefs up' immune system and gut health support. Without the beef!"

Dr Anna Sutton, Planet A nutritionist

Food-grade plant protein ‘meaty chunks’ (wheat & soy), black soldier fly larvae meal, rolled oats, coconut oil, brown rice puffs, coconut shreds, carrot shreds, green peas, sunflower oil, algae-extract fatty acid (DHAgold), Algimun algae extract, Algaecal calcium, sunflower meal, TruMune postbiotic, parsley flakes, NinjinFibre carrot fibre, hempseed meal, LycoFibre tomato pomace, nutritional yeast, iodised salt, wheatgrass, seaweed meal, pumpkin powder, papaya powder, vege mix powder (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli), vitamins and minerals, methionine, taurine.

Typical analysis dry matter

Metabolisable energy 5070 Kcal/kg

Protein 34%

Fat 28%

Fibre 6%

Ash 2.5%

Carbs 29%


Planet A Complete Meals are formulated to meet the
nutritional levels established by the Association of Animal Feed Control
Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profile for the  maintenance of adult dogs.

Typical analysis dry matter

  • Metabolisable energy 5075 Kcal/kg
  • Protein 33%
  • Fat 28%
  • Fibre 6%
  • Ash 2.5%
  • Carbs 30%

Planet A Complete Meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profile for the  maintenance of adult dogs.

Check the feed guide at the bottom of the pack, but basically, you'll add 3 times as much water to the Meat-Free Dinner. So if the daily amount of Meat-Free Dinner is 33g, then you'll add 99g of water. Give it a mix, pop it in the fridge overnight and then serve the next day.

You can also make it in bulk, which might be useful if you have a large dog. Tip the contents of the pack into a container, and add 1.5 litres of water. Mix, pop in the fridge overnight, and start serving the next day. Use within 3 days.

This depends on the weight of your dog, but as a rough guide, for a 250g pack:

  • About 4 days' meals for an average 5 kg dog
  • About 3 days' meals for an average 10 kg dog
  • About 2 days' meals for an average 15 kg dog

Our products will last unopened for 12 months. Once you've rehydrated them, serve within 3 days.

Yes you can. These packs can go straight into the recycling bin at home as can our mailing satchels and boxes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
kristine Edwards
pretty good

2 fussy eaters ate it all, so i guess that is a good review

I'm taking that as a tick of approval! Thanks for that feedback.

Paul L.
Happy dogs & a happier planet.

Our dogs recently sampled the "No-Meat Chunky Dinner" from Planet A Pet Food and loved it. Their usual diet is protein (most commonly raw beef mince) in combination with the Bestie Balancer. When the meat free meal was presented to the dogs they were equally, if not more, excited and neither of them left any in the bowls. Throughout last month they had several servings of the ''No-Meat Chunky Dinner'' and there was no noticeable changes to their energy levels or toileting habits. We will have no hesitation in continuing to include these meat free options as part of our pets diet.

As two of the original testers, this is so great to hear. Those girls are spoilt! (In a good way. )

Paul Lambkin
Lexi by name and Flexi by nature

Our dogs, Lexi, a 2yo GSP & Tilly an 8 yo Cocker Spaniel x, have been fortunate to have already had the opportunity to try all of the Planet A flexi options. Even when we were preparing the meals in their bowls they were both very interested and remained extremely attentive. Once the food was placed down, neither of them looked up again until the bowls were empty.
Despite our desire to assist the sustainability of the planet and wanting to substitute some meat products for alternative options, we were concerned about the nutritional values and palatability of such products for our fury friends. With the arrival of Planet A, we are now convinced that our concerns have been alleviated and are very grateful to have been part of the early trials.

Lexi and Tillie are the best testers! And thanks so much for being willing to give our many versions a go...xx

Now we all have a flexi diet !

We love changing up our routines as a family and twice a week we have started to introduce « veggie dinners », for our health and for the planet. The only one missing out was Milo! With Planet A Milo now has his own no meat Monday - he loves it. Delicious and healthy! Thanks to Planet A, we all feel that little bit better about ourselves and the planet!

Brilliant...and thanks for being part of the early test crew!

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