Wondering if a vegan diet is right for your dog but not quite ready to take the plunge? There’s an easy solution: go flexitarian. A flexitarian diet for dogs means mixing it up: some conventional dog food, some raw meaty bones, and some meat-free options. Let your dog enjoy the benefits of a varied diet while you minimise his environmental pawprint.
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The global population is expected to rise to 9 billion people by 2050. This will put a lot of pressure on our global food supply.

In particular, the amount of animal products people eat is predicted to go up 60-70% by 2050. At the same time, we're also feeding our dogs and cats diets with an increasing proportion of meat protein. Cat and dog food already accounts for about 25% of the total environmental impact of meat production. This is only going to get worse.

While we have a growing problem with food availability, we also have a growing problem with food waste. We explain how one of the ingredients in our pet food helps with both.

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Some people claim vegan diets may be less palatable than conventional meat-based foods. A recent study analysed 2,308 dogs and 1,135 cats maintained on conventional meat, raw meat, and vegan diets. They found that palatability was the third most important factor for owners when choosing pet foods, after health and nutrition. They also found that vegan pet foods appear to be similarly palatable to meat-based diets for most pets.

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Food allergies in dogs are less common than you think, affecting just 0.2 percent of dogs...and grains are nowhere near the top of the list of allergies. We look at what tops the list.
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As vegan pet food becomes more popular, most studies have focused on dietary composition rather than clinical outcomes. But we know vegan diets can meet the dietary needs of our pets, so what should take precedence are studies looking at the clinical outcomes of these diets. Just because the nutrients are in the food doesn’t mean that your pet’s digestive system can utilise it. To find out how effective a vegan diet is for our pets, we share real-world results—and these are the clinical outcomes of feeding trials.
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It’s no surprise that vegan diets have entered the world of pet foods. What began as an alternative and sustainable way of eating for people, is now being adopted - or considered at least - for dogs.

That being said, is vegan pet food healthy for your cats and dogs?

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